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Bike Box Hire - B&W Hard Bike Boxes

When travelling abroad by plane it is essential to pack your bike safely in a Hard Bike Box. The bike boxes I have for rental are all B&W Bike boxes which are very substantial, with 4 locks, yet easily transportable with 4 wheels and a folding handle for pulling. These boxes when packed with your bike should weigh less than the 30k weight limit which most airlines implement (light road bikes allow for further shoes, helmets and clothes to be included yet still only weigh in at 29 kilos).

There is a large range of price differentials between airlines when it comes to the cost of flying with sports equipment. I believe in 2015 Ryan Air is the most expensive and Monarch the cheapest, so it pays to shop around. Jet 2 are very helpful with both costings and airport handling of Bike Boxes.

Don't forget to allow for the cost of onward travel at your destination as coaches or taxis often use bike boxes to rip off travellers.

But there is nothing like riding your own bike abroad. I have cycled in Mallorca, Menorca, The Algarve, Sardinia, Morocco, France and Tenerife on my titanium Enigma bike. Correctly packed in a hard bike box my bike has travelled many thousands of miles without any damage.

All bike boxes are supplied with a key, 2 wheel bags, bubble pack and foam rubber to help you ensure safe transportation of your bike.

If in doubt as to whether your bike will fit or not, please call John on 07887 731552. These Bike Boxes will accommodate most road and mountain bikes with minimal dismantling.

B&W Bike Box Features

Bike Box rentalBike box closed

Hard Case Bike Boxes provide protection for your bike on flights when baggage handlers are careless. Even the toughest cases do not always survive a journey unblemished, but models with plenty of individual padding will ensure that even if the case gets damaged, the bike won't!

The B&W bike box features a tough ABS shell, padded wheel bags and an aluminium frame for robust protection wherever you travel. The internal walls have thick foam padding and 4 quick release straps to hold the bike frame and wheels in place. The shell is double thickness around the 4 wheels on the bottom corners for added strength. The wheels are free running with reinforced axles.

There are 4 locks which are flush fitting as well as a fixed Velcro strap for added security and 3 strengthened hinges. There is a carry handle on the top and a spring loaded pilot handle on the side, which make the case very easy to move around.

The bike box suits all frame sizes, although beyond 24" you'll probably need to remove the seat post. (Not suitable for full suspension bikes - use a bike case instead.)

Accessories included:

  • 2 padded wheel bags with internal pockets
  • Bike fork spacers
  • Tough foam chain-ring guard
  • Reinforced security strap with attached luggage label
  • Fits easily into most saloon or hatchback cars
  • External dimensions: 1150 (base), 850 (top) x 870 x 295mm
  • Internal dimensions: 1080 (base) 780 (top) x 800 x 250mm
  • Weight: 12.8kg


Terms & Conditions

  • General wear and tear is to be expected when travelling with these hard bike boxes on planes/coaches. However, you as hirer are responsible for the bike box during the hire period and for its safe, undamaged return.
  • Should the bike box fail to be returned or be damaged beyond repair, the hirer is responsible in full for the replacement cost of a new B&W Bike Box.
  • Late returns will be charged at the £5 daily rate.
  • It is the entire responsibility of the hirer to ensure the final weight of the packed bike box, and that the bike in the box is securely packed.
  • I accept no liability for additional flight costs nor for damage to the Bike Box's contents in the hire period. It is therefore essential that insurance cover is taken out by the hirer for the Bike Box and its contents while on hire.

Bag Solo Bike Shipments

Ship your bike, well boxed, with BAG SOLO from as little as £120 return. If you don't want the hassle and cost of flying with your bike, BAG SOLO have the solution, with door to door convenience.

I have used them and it works perfectly, but it helps to plan ahead and get everything booked at least several days ahead.

Here are the reasons to use BAG SOLO:

  1. Have the pleasure to ride your own bike wherever you go.
  2. The potential to save money on excess baggage costs.
  3. Save money on hiring a larger vehicle to transport your boxed bike
  4. Seamless door to door service... guaranteed
  5. No more awkward bike boxes to lug around
  6. Helps skip the check-in queues at the airport
  7. Bike boxes are tracked at every stop on their journey.
  8. Your bike awaits your arrival at your destination.

Hire your bike box from us and transport it with BAG SOLO.

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Tel: 02038 706 706

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Bike Box Rental Prices

£5/day minimum 4 days
£30/week 7 days
£50/2 weeks 14 days


Nationwide delivery available, or 7 day collection from my base in Lowick.

Terms. Payment in full on collection/booking, credit card deposit required.

Ten Tips for the Traveller

  1. When parking at the airport some off site parking refuse to allow bike boxes on their transfer coaches.... always check with them.
  2. Always arrive in good time at the airport as bike boxes have to be checked in and then scanned independently after check in.
  3. On arrival at your destination airport sporting goods including bike boxes are often delivered on an independent delivery console, or by hand through a side door. So don't hang around the main baggage claim area forever waiting for the bike box.
  4. Pre-booked transport on arrival can sometimes be a problem, so again check that your onward transportation includes a bike box. If so get it in writing and take it with you as proof.
  5. If touring from place to place ensure the bike box is left in a safe, secure place for your repacking on your return. Often the initial accommodation will store the box safely if you return to the same place for your last night's stay.
  6. Don't forget to give your bike a complete check over prior to packing as you will probably be putting in lots of miles. Are your tyres ready for a change, what are your brake pads looking like?
  7. Always take a spare inner tube, puncture repair kit, bike lock and pump in case you have a blow out in the middle of nowhere. Also pack a spare tyre in your luggage.
  8. Ensure your bikes gearing ratios are suitable for the expected terrain, no point trying to ride up mountain passes in the Atlas mountains with your time trial rear cassette.
  9. On your return to the UK be very careful when initially driving off in your car as you will have been cycling on the wrong side of the road for several days, the first roundabout can seem very strange.
  10. When rebuilding your bike on arrival at your home, check and recheck that every bolt, clamp and wheel and the pedals are all correctly tightened and in place. It's all too easy to think you will do it next time you ride but forget so to do.

Have fun ....... it's so rewarding riding your own bike abroad.

2017 update on airlines bike box contents.

The following must NOT be included in your bike box.

  2. OILS
  3. CO2 canisters
  4. Pressurised containers of any sort.

If theses are seen on the airport security scanner you will be asked to unpack your bike and remove and dispose of these items.

Airlines have increased the cost of taking bikes on planes for 2017. Ryanair is now £75 each way and Monarch have increased their charges by £5 to £30 each way.